Featured Hotel – Inn at Teardrops

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Today’s feature: Inn at Teardrops

Built in 1769, this hotel is rich in history. It is located in the heart of Hillsborough district at 175 W. King St. Though it started out small, it grew and in the year 1880, it was enlarged. Along with its Bed and Breakfast services, it also serves as a venue for small weddings, reunions, business meetings, as well as receptions for different occasions.

Currently, it is attracting attention as it provides that antique feel and touch. In total, it features 6 rooms and a fabulous music room with a grand piano.

Surrounding it is a small green garden that complements its purpose and brings life to it through the vegetation, well-trimmed hedges, and lawns that are great for walking your dog during the daytime.

Through its services and determination, it has managed to secure a 2015 Certificate of Excellence Winner. The site offers the latest reviews from previous guests who state their experiences.

A must return to Hillsborough

While at Teardrops, this is another amazing Bed and Breakfast Inn. This is because it comes with a rich historical background. The periodic furniture and antique collection date back to the 1700’s, some of which were found by the owner on one of his metal detecting days out. While accommodation is outstanding, you can enjoy your meals at some of the best restaurants that are just a walking distance away from the inn.

Home away from home

The history and ambiance of the inn are not only amazing but also historic. If you are looking for a home away from home, this is definitely your destination. It comes with great special touches that make it homely, the people were friendly and welcoming. The proprietor made its history and that of the surrounding known through telling stories thus creating a bond.

You can make your reservations ahead of your arrival by dialing 919 – 732 – 1120 or email innatteardrops@gmail.com.